Differences Between A Tablet And Laptop

Laptops and Tablets are actually pretty similar in some regards. Currently, the most popular tablet is the Apple iPad, but other manufacturers have produced their own. Other rival tablet companies include Samsung, Acer, Asus and Motorola. As for laptop manufacturers, well, just about every computer manufacturer has produced a Laptop somewhere along the line.

Primary Functions:

The primary functions of both actually differ from each other. Laptops are more suited for users who are always using their computers and often remain in the same position (such as on a desk). Laptops have a built-in keyboard, higher screen resolution and usually have more powerful hardware. Tablets however, are made for people who use computers as more of a social activity. The majority of tablet users end up using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter the majority of the time. Because computer tablets usually have touch-screen capabilities, people who love to read and write generally don’t get a tablet for their work.

When it comes to movies, media and music, both pieces of technology do the job superbly. Tablets were specifically designed and tailored for users who want to quickly tune into a movie, browse their e-mails and browse the internet while in the comfort of their own home. Laptops have always been tailored for business users and computer users who want a more interactive and more powerful system for browsing the internet, playing high-spec games, writing, and productivity tasks.

Operating Systems:

Laptops and Tablets completely differ when it comes to Operating Systems. Most Laptops will run on the standard and popular format of Windows, whereas Tablets use Smartphone operating systems. The most popular system that tablets currently run on is the Android firmware which was developed by Google.

Size and Weight:

Laptops can be specifically built with lightweight in mind, although the majority of them are quite heavy in the range of 5 pounds. This is because Laptops have bigger batteries and more powerful hardware in them. Additionally, Laptops often have 15+ inch screens which contribute greatly to their weight.


As for Tablets, you will find that they are mostly 7 inch or 10 inch in length. The batteries are much smaller and provide less power, because the hardware components don’t need as much power. As such, tablets are often suitable for holding in one hand. They are specifically built to be lightweight and easy to hold and are used for entertainment purposes.



As a final conclusion, the ultimate difference between Laptops and Tablets is that Tablets will always be specifically designed for casual computer users. If you love to sit back on the sofa and browse the internet while chatting to friends on Facebook, then a tablet is definitely more suited towards your needs.

If you’re a computer user who loves to write a lot (such as e-mails, blog posts and so forth), you will benefit much more from a Laptop. Likewise, if you’re a computer gamer at heart and love to play high-specification games like World of Warcraft, then a Tablet just simply doesn’t have the processing power to run such games.

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